Raw Milk Driving Coops

Raw Milk Driving Coops are created so that Cheyenne residents who are interested in obtaining raw milk can work together to pick up raw milk on a weekly basis. Members participate in a driving rotation, where they drive every 3 to 7 weeks to pick up milk for all other members, instead of having to drive each week. The rotation schedule depends on the number of members in each coop.

There are several people currently interested in being a part of raw milk driving coop. Please contact us if you wish to be included.

How Cow-Share Programs Work

The consumer purchases a share in a milk cow or dairy herd. The farmer and the consumer enter into a contract whereby the farmer feeds and boards the cow, and provides the labor to milk the cow and store the consumer’s milk. Such contracts are legal and valid, as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America. The consumer does not buy milk from the farmer. Rather, he pays the farmer for the service of keeping the cow and his labor for milking the cow and processing the milk into butter, cream, cheese, etc. However, he may directly purchase other products from the farm, such as eggs, vegetables and meat. Cow-share programs protect the farmer from liability since the cow belongs to the consumer and the consumer is drinking the milk from his own cow.

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